Avoid These Warning Signs When Planning To Engage A Renovation Specialist / Builder For Your Renovation Project

Avoid These Warning Signs When Planning To Engage A Renovation Specialist / Builder For Your Renovation Project

Avoid These Warning Signs When Planning To Engage A Renovation Specialist / Builder For Your Renovation Project

The vision of Rebilt is to restore trust within the building industry by role modelling effective project management as a dedicated renovations specialist for $100 million dollars in renovation and refurbishment projects across Sydney, thereby demonstrating a new and optimal standard in renovation experience for all clients.

As committed renovation specialists we have identified a number of warning signs for clients when seeking to engage a builder, renovation specialist or project management company for a proposed renovation project.

We are listing these warning signs in an easy-read list in the hope that it helps someone from being misled.

Warning Signs

  1. The entity or person is unlicenced. Always ask the question
    “do you hold a current licence?”
    A licence search can quickly be done at onegov.nsw.gov.au

    Always remember an unlicensed company is typically less concerned about upholding the NCC – being the National Construction Code and may not have the learned skills essential for a fulfilling project outcome. Why risk your project? You don’t need to.

    Remember to also check the expiry date of the licence.

  2. They demonstrate an unwillingness to collaborate with others.

    Ask the pertinent questions about their network. Who are the industry professionals they have collaborated with? These would include architects, drafting services, landscaping services, interior designers, mortgage brokers, suppliers and structural engineers.

  3. The deposit request is greater than 10% of the total project cost.

    The Department of Fair Trading says expressly: “You cannot request a deposit of more than 10 percent. This applies to both small jobs contracts and contracts for large jobs.”


  4. They demonstrate an unwillingness to communicate openly.

    Are they even willing to communicate — such as opening discussion on possible approaches or cost-saving options to their project?

    Most clients are open to creative ideas especially if there are any value propositions which assist in keeping the price down while maintaining the durability of the build.

  5. They offer a minimalist quotation.

    Many companies and builders are busy building and resort to quick time-saving “template-style” quotations where vital elements may be intentionally missing from the quote.

    These may be elements such as home warranty protection, third party insurance, skip bin hire, council fees and the list goes on.

    Often allowances are quoted for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings items that fall well short of practicable purchase and many extra dollars are required to be added.

    Such quoting may be deemed to be intentionally deceptive but designed to win the project. However more games ensue following contract signing.

  6. They leave out Home Warranty insurance when the project cost is higher than $20,000.

    In NSW any building work over the amount of $20,000 requires Home Warranty insurance. This mandatory insurance covers up to the amount of $340,000. The duration of home warranty insurance cover is 6 years after the completion of work. 

Want to know more? Visit the following NSW government websites: 




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