Bathroom Renovation Tips To Give You The Best Possible Renovation Experience

Bathroom Renovation Tips To Give You The Best Possible Renovation Experience

Recently the Rebilt team were requested to measure up for a bathroom renovation. Turns out, it was for two bathrooms side-by-side. Turns out the bathrooms were renovated during the covid lockdowns. The client’s name and address are withheld for privacy reasons. The bathrooms only lasted for three short years.

Upon inspection, both bathrooms had evidences of black mould, swollen floor skirtings and door architraves and blackened leaking on the flooring immediately located outside the bathroom, indicating sub floor and flooring damage.

Once the bathrooms were deconstructed, it was found that the two bathrooms were both the source of extensive floor, subfloor and structural issues, having failed not once but twice.

The original bathroom waterproofing membrane had failed and the renovation following that had failed, yet not one of these original contractors dealt with the water damage incurred by failed waterproofing.

For all homeowners in NSW desiring to do a bathroom renovation, here’s some essential tips:

All residential building work worth over $5,000 requires a written contract.

For all work over $5,000 the contractor must have a valid licence for the work that the contractor is undertaking. This is to say that the contractor must be licensed.

When work is over $20,000, Home Warranty cover must be undertaken for these specific works that are to be carried out.

Do not trust the “cheap” bathroom renovation price or the price from an unlicensed contractor.

Many bathroom contractors today still advertise a minimum price for a bathroom renovation but make no allowance for either labour or materials. This is a practise which is very deceptive.

An unlicensed contractor cannot be held accountable for any failures or damage caused by his poor workmanship. All liabilities here are carried by the homeowner.

A bathroom company is generally structured to produce a number of standard bathrooms per year and charge additional premiums for variations and their advice is usually limited to “stamp pad” bathroom designs.

A licensed building company and renovation specialist is more geared towards doing those works that are outside the “standard” scope of works for a bathroom, i.e: repairs, subfloor water penetration issues, engage a structural engineer, change a wall or window, reposition plumbing and electricals to suit a new layout, deal with mould and asbestos management, etc.

Building disputes occur due to faulty waterproofing, construction defects, building contract disagreements, and variations of work not completed according to the building contract.

Most disputes [over 70%] dealt with in NCAT have to do with failed waterproofing.

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