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Bathroom Waterproofing Membranes

Around 70% of Disputes At NCAT Deal With Failed Waterproofing


The NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) is an independent body that resolves disputes and issues enforceable orders. The resolution of disputes may involve a range of processes such as mediation, conciliation, case conferences or hearings. Decisions made by NCAT must be followed and are enforceable.


Contrary to popular belief, your wall and floor tiles in your bathroom and ensuite are not waterproofing. Essentially waterproofing is a barrier than prevents water from travelling beyond a defined wet room’s walls and floors.

A membrane is applied or installed [depending on the product/s used] to clean and dry floors and walls in the bathroom before the tiling is laid as there are different options for waterproofing. This membrane prevents moisture from escaping the room which can cause unwanted and further structural damage to the home if not contained. Essentially your waterproofing membrane is the heart and soul of your bathroom and wet areas and there is no easy fix when a waterproofing membrane fails, it means a whole new bathroom renovation.

Waterproofing must be installed to meet the NCC and comply with Australian Standards AS3740-2010 Waterproofing of wet areas in residential buildings.

Signs Your Bathroom Waterproofing Membrane Has Failed Or Has Not Been Renovated Properly

These are the common and tell-tale signs of a failed waterproofing membrane:

What Can Compromise a Bathroom Waterproofing Installation?

A waterproof membrane can be compromised if:

  • Product instructions are not diligently followed i.e. -
    1. some membranes must be allowed to cure for around 5 days prior to tiles being laid, as detailed by the product manufacturer
    2. some membranes require a double or triple application as opposed to one single and “thicker” application.
  • The correct sequence of the installation hasn’t been followed
  • Careless or oversized punctures from holes driven into the walls for either fixture installation or shower enclosure
  • Incorrect or poor quality product installed
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