Meet The Team

REBILT: Fuelled By Passion For Transformation

Based in Sydney’s Hill’s districts region and with reach across Sydney, the REBILT operations team recreate living and working spaces birthing new and positive legacies with a governance that operates to unshakable values:

  • Bold & intentional stewardship
  • Progressive innovation
  • Organised responsibility
  • On-time & on-purpose outcomes

Respect requires that we esteem others more than ourselves. Collaboration seeks to recognise and appreciate the giftings of others. Integrity demands that we do what we promised.

Our operating principles define how REBILT does business. These abiding ethics are intentionally woven into our management actions, processes and benchmarks.


Michael Hunnam


Michael Hunnam has over 40+ years of people-to-people skills with over 20+ years in the building and housing sector with industry leaders Jennings and Masterton Homes including integrated housing. 

Michael’s role extends from being Co-Director of the parent company Infinity Homes & Lifestyle P/L and co-founder of REBILT, leading the sales and client-relationship management, marketing and tracking new markets and emerging trends and the development of new and strategic partnerships to foster the growth and development of the business.

Michael has a reputation for having personal integrity, for being a great communicator, fostering positive relationships, upbeat approach to everything and placing high value on every client to develop a 100% referral business.

Neil Walker


Neil Walker has 20+ years experience in the building industry and is a licensed builder with a reputation for exacting high construction standards in building, renovation and refurbishment projects both in the residential and commercial sectors working primarily in his own business, as Project Manager for Edgewater Homes and having valuable experience in rectification work taking over from other builders for clients. 

Neil’s role extends from being Co-Director and founder of the parent company Infinity Homes & Lifestyle P/L and co-founder of REBILT, overseeing all the vital day-to-day activities of the business, upholding rigorous processes and procedure including the continuance of high-quality control on every project the company undertakes.

Neil is known for his creative building solutions, his unyielding desire to put his heart into everything he does, his down-to-earth sense of humour and his deep-felt compassion for others.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

To discuss the project scope and suggest the best possible approach to achieve the desired outcome.


Design & Planning

Detailed onsite discussion covering all aspects of the project, including design, suppliers, and the required materials.

budget 1

Extensive Costing

A fit-for-purpose, quantity surveyor-checked project spreadsheet outlining all the costs and material estimates involved in the project.


Compliances & Approvals

Obtaining the required council approvals and compliance certificates for complete peace of mind.

blueprint 1

Rebuild or Renovation

Our licensed renovators ensure timely execution and fast completion with no unexpected delays and continual updates along the way.


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