Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Property Roofing Through REBILT Service Agreements

Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Property Roofing Through REBILT Service Agreements

Prolong the Life of Your Commercial Property Roofing Through REBILT Service Agreements

Typically, commercial roofing is flat or moderately pitched, which creates a higher propensity for water pooling. The effects of this may be rust corrosion or water penetration issues.

Whether your commercial property roofing is metal or tiled, the roof happens to be that one area directly exposed to the sun and the other environmental effects.
Australian weathering produces storm damage, high winds, hail damage, pollution, heat, mould, wind-driven rain and fumes. These fruits may cause material breakage, leaking, cracking, chipping, movement of flashing, pitting, build-up of foreign materials, rust, punctures, displaced tiles, flashing or sheeting, water penetration, blockages, water damage, and splitting.

Maintenance or remedial repairs may be performed on a scheduled or on-call basis. Typically these services are done expediently to ensure your roof (or rooves) lasts as long as possible and continues to function properly with a view to deferring the larger replacement costs.

There are varying types of contractual service agreements depending on the roof condition and your specific needs:

Gutter Cleaning Service Agreements

Keeping gutters clean and debri-free is preferred for gutters to work effectively. Blocked or partially blocked gutters overflow potentially creating unwanted damage. Prices vary depending on access, frequency, roof pitch and volume of foreign matter that is required to be removed.

Inspection and Maintenance Service Agreements

This contractual service level provides for periodic inspections done with pricing proportional to roof size and condition. Remedial repairs are done as required including bed and pointing servicing on tiled rooves, patching, sealing and repairs on flashing including lead and/or other materials. REBILT provides free quotes on the more bigger repairs.

Optional Drone Services

For our larger clients with a number of commercial property assets we recognise the benefits of using specialised and cost-effective drone services to collect condition status and thermal data utilising quality HD photography.

Whether it is the small roofing jobs such as the repair of flashings including ridge and hip cappings and barge boards, or the larger projects such as defitting and replacement of rooves the REBILT team are happy to assess and discuss cost effective solution options, as required.

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