REBILT Network Partners – “Q & A” with Michael Perkins of Marillion Financial Services

Michael Perkins

REBILT Network Partners – “Q & A” with Michael Perkins of Marillion Financial Services

Q.1: Thank you Michael for agreeing to this Q&A – people who serve the business community are problem solversand you are easily one of the busiest problem solvers I know – what is typically the kinds of problems you solve day-in, day-out?

A.1: Thank you Michael. You must be one of the busiest renovation companies around. My team generally receive referrals directly or from financial institutions for clients who need assistance super-fast; and we can help many clients particularly business owners de-stress fairly quickly with quick turn-around financial solutions for business, residential and commercial applications.

Q.2: For whom do you solve financial issues? Business owners only?

A.2: Primarily for business owners we can provide creative solutions. In some cases the clients work with us over a period and we can restructure or refinance accordingly. It depends on the need and the situation of course. A quick chat can put people on the right footing.

Q.3: I know that your network has some other financial problem solvers. So for what reason/s would you refer a potential client on?

A.3: There are times where I will refer a client on to a bank or mortage broker. In one case I had a family who were rejected by one of the big four banks. My first response was to speak with the original bank manager and reapply with this family. We got the loan and they was thrilled. As a response, we have enjoyed many more referrals.

Q.4: So what is your background and how did you morph into the specialist services you offer today.

A.4: I spent fourteen years with one of the big four banks and formed a strong conviction after this rich experience that I could train up an ethical, trustworthy team who could work to provide finance solutions that required just a little more expertise and creative thinking. 

Q.5: Obviously clients of Rebilt pursuing a complete renovation project may be interesting in contacting you for financial options, express applications, fast money, top-ups etc.

A.5: More than happy to speak with any of your clients either before or after they enquire or apply with a lending institution or broker.

Q.6: What are the reasons people might contact you?

A.6: Sometimes businesses go through a required growth phase. There may be warehousing needs or delivery vans to purchase to facilitate profits or cash flow. There are business start ups or real estate purchases. There’s lots of scenarios which keep it interesting for my proactive team. I’ve helped a few of your renovation clients get that “little bit extra” as you know Mike.

Q.7: How would you describe your specialist team?

A.7: We are providing a specialist gap in the market. So they are the busiest problem-solving team on Earth – well, that’s what it feels like. They work under my expertise and umbrella.  We frequently collaborate and discuss our client’s needs to do what’s best for our clients. To be honest it thrills us to find the best outcomes. And it often means we make some new friends too as a byproduct.

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Michael Perkins of Marillion Financial Services is based in Sydney’s Hills area and can be contacted directly on 0457 454 545 or emailed via  Call Michael with any financial need from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

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