Rolling Lockdowns Produces New Trending For Renovations And Work Spaces

Rolling Lockdowns Produces New Trending For Renovations And Work Spaces

Rolling Lockdowns Produces New Trending For Renovations And Work Spaces

As property owners are spending more time at home during rollover lockdowns, home renovations are going through the roof, putting pressure on material and labour resources.

Renovation loans increased 7.4 per cent in June, according to CommSec producing a 19-year record.

There’s a new “must have” on the property owner’s renovation list fuelled by the lockdown duration, owners trending reflects on online searches to include the home office / study areas, according to

Students studying exams from home welcome laptop study areas with some privacy for zoom calls.

Families who juggle home-schooling appreciate the freedom to access a printer, swivel in office chairs and drop into a comfy sofa during phone calls.

Modernised kitchens and bathrooms typically sold houses but today’s property buyers are also hunting for work spaces with acoustic privacies away from undesired secondary noise.

As renovation specialists Rebilt’s client discussions centre around additions, extensions, recreating floor plans, integrating spaces together [i.e. reclaiming built-in bars, laundry spaces] and converting spaces such as media rooms, second living spaces and even butler’s pantries.

Potentially emerging trends by homeowners — especially with newly boosted property values with the new fiscal freedom to redesign their home lifestyle – may be a propensity for all-weather outdoor rooms, external kitchens and upgraded al fresco areas.

Watch also for detached home office concepts. Think granny flats at half-size. These carry the appeal of blank canvasses for design. The possibilities are appealing for the sought-for values with dedicated work spaces separate from the main dwelling.

Features might include acoustic insulation for sound privacy, custom built-in desk cabinetry, touch-door wall and floor cupboards for kitchenette, coffee machine and/or company files and archive boxes, dedicated printer and printer paper centre, wall electricals with convenient USB ports, recharge drawers for devices, optional decks and patios.

Layout options for detached home office might include:

1) main office + client meeting room

2) main office + adjacent workstation

3) main office + kitchenette + sitting area

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