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Remedial Builders for Structural Repairs in Hills District

During our home improvement projects, we often come across instances where the building’s structure is badly damaged and in need of extensive repairs. As a full-service renovation company in Sydney, we offer comprehensive structural repair and restoration services for domestic and strata properties, working diligently to restore their structural integrity regardless of the extent of the damage. 

Whether your property has failed waterproofing, cracked walls, damaged roofing, termite infestation or foundation failure, Rebilt’s in-depth remedial building services in Sydney is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our structural remediation solutions are long-term and affordable and effectively prevent the damage from getting worse.

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When Does A Building Need Structural Remediation?

Poor construction materials, inadequate maintenance, environmental conditions and ageing are some of the reasons that cause a building to develop critical structural defects. What might seem like a minor issue at first can quickly escalate into a more serious problem if not addressed on time. 

While structural degradation is not always obvious, some tell-tale signs indicate that your building needs structural repairs.

As soon as you notice any of the above signs, immediately contact our experienced remedial builders in Sydney’s Hills District and surrounding areas, so we can investigate and rectify the problem, saving your property from further damage and costly repairs.

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Major Structural Repairs & Structural Additions in Hills District

At Rebilt Renovations, we can quickly determine the cause and degree of damage, and devise the most suitable strategy to fix the problem once and for all. Our specialised structural restoration services across Hills District & nearby Sydney suburbs include:

Termite Damage Repair

Termite infestation can be detrimental to a building’s structure, gradually weakening the structural beams, ceiling joists, timber floors, and wall studs. Not only do they feed on wood but they also devour plaster, metal and a variety of insulation materials. 

Apart from lowering your building’s aesthetics, these tiny creatures can cause damage worth thousands of dollars even before you know it. Together with our structural engineers, we can help keep your property up-to-scratch by offering effective termite repair solutions, identifying and replacing damaged structural supports to retain the integrity of your home or build. We also arrange for termite treatment before starting the repair work to ensure the problem doesn’t resurface.  

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Flood and Water Damage Repair

Excessive rainfall can cause significant water damage, from flooding your property to damaging the structure and ruining its interior. At Rebilt Renovations, we provide dependable flood repair and water damage restoration in Sydney, where our experts locate and repair the exact source of water leaks on the roofs, walls, joint sealants, balconies, bathrooms, concrete slabs and planter boxes, and offer a waterproofing solution to ensure your building is watertight and safe from developing integrity issues in future. 

Foundation Repairs with Beam Work

As the foundation repair specialist in Sydney’s Hills District, we are known for providing unparalleled foundation repair services for homes and properties. If the existing foundation of your building has become unstable or weak due to soil movement, corrosion or other factors, we can raise it back to its original level with caution and due diligence. As part of our foundation repair solutions, we offer: 



Pier Replacement

Using cutting-edge technology combined with 40 years of experience, we ensure all repair work is carried out successfully and without any faults, so you can rest assured that your property is structurally sound, inside out. 

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