ShutterRight™ Shutters: More Durable – Yet More Affordable Than Ever

ShutterRight™ Shutters: More Durable - Yet More Affordable Than Ever

ShutterRight™ Shutters: More Durable – Yet More Affordable Than Ever

As an industry leader and specialist in durable renovations, Rebilt manages projects which often include a re-creation of the existing floorplan to create more usable space as well as extensions and additions.

Having provided the essential structural changes and the renovation and addition of additional bathrooms, increased laundry space, ensuites and implementations of bi-fold and stacker glass doors with modernisation to the glazing and window and door configurations, attention is now given to the window furnishings.

Many clients are opting for plantation shutters and this article explores why. Shutters are the crowning jewel when it comes to interior and exterior window furnishings yet shutters are more affordable than ever.

There are simply too many benefits for home owners to ignore.

1. Live Safer – Windows are easy enough to break through. But add a quality blind installation and you have an instant deterrent for burglars and thieves. It takes more noise and time and a break-in to your property becomes less expedient. Be at peace.

2. Live in Freedom – IMS Shutterright Shutters have become the popular choice providing heightened privacy for all property occupants. Manage unwanted attention from outsiders. Control the intrusions of light and heat infiltrating your internal spaces. Heat better. Cool better. Be more comfortable all year round.

3. Live Quieter and Undisturbed – Shutters have often been installed to limit traffic and neighbourhood noise from outside. They’re your stylish buffer from gear-changing road roar and over-the-fence skirmishes.

4. Enjoy Good Fiscal Returns On Your Shutter Investment – The stylish modernisation flows on instantly to your property value and the renewed thermal value flows on to containing energy bills. This is a welcome destress on your air conditioning thermostat and therefore energy bills.
The addition of IMS Shutterright Shutters has been a selling point for many homeowners, highlighting shutters as an investment into the future value of your home, as is your own personal comfort.

IMS WINDOW FURNISHINGS at Home Hub, 18 Victoria Ave, [Cnr Showground Rd] Castle Hill is a recommended referral partner of Rebilt. Phone the IMS showroom on 8850 4447.

To organise your on site window furnishings consultation phone Justin McSweeney direct on 0406 982 645.

Considering timber shutters? While timber has been the most accepted substrate in the past, ask about ShutterRight™ as a viable and highly durable choice. Enquire also about EnviroRight™20/20 and EnviroRight™25/10.


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