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Save Your Time — Save Your Money

Thermal imaging cameras have emerged as the essential tool in today’s building, rectification works and renovation space for ultra-effective property inspections saving time and cost for homeowners.

Thermal camera imaging reveals for homeowners  what their eyes cannot naturally see emitting images onto a 3 inch 320 x 240 colour LCD screen. This is perfect for defining essential property services. Some cameras are a little “grainy,” but our choice of camera incorporates a multi-spectral dynamic imaging or ‘MSX’ technology. 

This effectively merges a higher-resolution regular image with the thermal image. The result is a much clearer thermal image than other cameras albeit with the same specifications at 240 x 180 (43,200) thermal resolution (pixels.)

The camera utilises infra red and acts as a “sensor” detecting existing thermal values including emissions reflected from adjacent objects even in total darkness. It works even when visability is masked or camouflaged. It’s not as effective as say Superman’s “x-ray vision,” but it’s typically impressive and very useful.

There are many benefits for property owners as thermal imaging cameras are the ideal detection tool able to detect termite activity or existing termite damage.

Overheated electrical wiring and electrical components also get detected very obviously within the infrared spectrum.

Targeting the exact source of a water penetration issue within a property is super-helpful also showing up on the camera’s LED screen.

In our experience as a renovation specialist, water issues are typically the trickiest issue to detect. Our industry is replete with stories of how generalist builders returned to site time and time again to rectify the same water issue. Sometimes the quotes seem too excessive as the builder feels to cover his time in both over-reached detection and rectification works.

Rebilt’s thermal imaging camera property service is able to assist in defining the water penetration source saving unnecessary spans of deconstruction, wasting time and attributing unreasonable pricing for the property owner.

In addition our thermal camera services have been used to find the extent and source of damage by moisture-related issues including rising and lateral damp, and harmful black mould. 

We may even be able to determine if previous restoration works have been effective in solving the original moisture issues and scan to audit gaps in ceiling and wall insulation.

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