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REBILT Enriches People and Communities

With Sydney’s vigorous demand for housing and the robust momentum of urbanisation REBILT recognises the growing and changing demands of our clients for ongoing and durable renovation solutions. 

REBILT’s management initiatives nurture proactive engagement into all sectors of our unique renovation marketplace, trades network, supplier base and industry associations ensuring essential understanding of the evolving needs of clients and the communities in which they live and work.

REBILT seeks to serve clients effectively by positively upgrading and enriching their day-to-day quality of life, establishing Rebilt as a renovations provider who provides budget-friendly and viable creative options, built sustainably and on time.

REBILT’s vision is to be acknowledged by our peers as the as the industry leader and authority renovations specialist most likely to offer the best value proposition in each of the markets we operate in, with sustainable business practices cementing our competitive advantage.


Rebilt Code of Ethics

Rebilt Renovations is a dedicated renovation company structured to serve clients proficiently by upgrading living and working spaces. We work towards upgrading quality of life through budget-friendly and viable creative options that are compliant, sustainably-built, and on-time. 

We strive to reflect our personal values in our businesses and transactions with clients, staff, suppliers, contractors, referrers, and other industry professionals.These core values of dependability, reliability, equitability, integrity, communication, and diligence form our Rebilt Code of Ethics:

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Clients will continue to capitalise on value proposition pricing for compliant and lasting renovation works. With this premise, Rebilt can continue to enjoy the status within the renovation marketplace of being a “100% referred” renovation specialist through word of mouth. 

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As a licensed company, Rebilt will continue to uphold and conform to NSW building codes and building guidelines as prescribed by the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC), previously known as the Building Code of Australia (BCA) as published and maintained by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB). 


Clients will continue to receive proactive communication that consistently puts their best interests ahead of the company’s own, thus ensuring a steadfast company following. 


All project data, including designs, approvals, contracts, certifications, and photos, will be managed with the Rebilt web-based management system. This system provides real-time, 24/7 access from any device, anywhere. 


Clients will continue to enjoy the protection of receiving objective renovation advice and project options, taking into account the long-term effects for the client and avoiding short-term benefits to the company that may produce detrimental outcomes or undesired challenges for our clients. 


Rebilt will continue to role model positive treatment of our clients, staff, suppliers, contractors, referrers, and other industry professionals with the expectation of receiving the same respect, humanity, and courtesy from them. 


Rebilt will continue to produce a competitive leading edge in project managing trades, working with supplier networks to gain the best possible pricing for our clients. 

The above Rebilt Code of Ethics is used as our reference for company conduct, assisting us in how we ought to respond to situations that may arise and what clients, trades, suppliers, and all stakeholders can expect from our professional management. 

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